Employee Solar System

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Deployed on the client’s roof, the system was made available for investment by the company, to its employees. By purchasing a stake in the PV generation facility each employee was able to invest in both financial and “Green Energy” returns.

Key Information

  • Largest roof system in Middle Franconia
  • Facility delivers active, reactive and apparent power data to the Utility operator and contributes to security of supply
  • Decentralized supply in the company‘s low-voltage network, central transfer to the Utility connection


  • Each employee can invest in solar & contribute to reducing climate change, even if they do not have their own usable roof
  • Employee retention through partnership in the photovoltaic power plant
  • A win-win situation for employers and workers - environmentally friendly power through staff development at attractive ROI
  • The photovoltaic system supports climate-neutral production of solar power, on site
  • Personal pension management by the investment in renewable energy